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    There are only 10 sleeps until Christmas day and if you are anything like our family, you will have been planning Christmas day feasts for the past month, steeping your dried mixed fruit in rum (Bundaberg's best of course), brandy and thinking all...

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    Our good friend and "fairy godmother" as we call her, Alison Alexander (see her blog Seasonal Pursuits) has been busy baking up a storm using our Bunda Ginga.

    One of her delicious biscuit recipes features Bunda Ginga and is in the Spring Issue 12...

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    Bunda Ginga grows year-round and is harvested all throughout the year. Our growing starts with planting in September using golf ball sized pieces cut from rhizomes (root-like stems off ginger) of the previous years crop. Throughout the ginger...

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    Bunda Ginga loved being part of our first proper farmers market in the Bundaberg region. This was an awesome initiative driven by one of our long-term customers and friends Amanda from Indulge cafe.

    Set up began super early, with our Business...

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