Hand Grown, Hand Picked, Hand Packed

Bunda Ginga Difference

Hand grown, hand picked, hand packed and hand crafted ginger products grown and produced in Bundaberg, Queensland. 

Bunda Ginga is available year-round, with new and mature season ginger harvested regularly on our farm.

Bunda Ginga is processed on site at the sheds nestled at the base of the Hummock by hand by a team of experienced workers and is hand-sorted into small, medium, large and premium boxes of ginger available for wholesale distribution.

The Bunda Ginga ground, pickled and ginger bites products are all 100 percent made from ginger grown on the Bunda Ginga farm and processed in Bundaberg, Queensland. 

The handcrafted, limited batch pickled ginger is made in large batches in February when new season ginger is picked, this ginger is milder in flavour and absorbs more moisture, making it perfect for a pickled ginger treat.

The ground ginger spice is made from mature season ginger, which gives it the complex, unique and strong flavour profile which is fast gaining a name for itself in the spice market. Perfect for baking, cooking and inventing new flavour combos!