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Why is Bunda Ginga so good for you?

Why is Bunda Ginga so good for you?

Three little words that mean the world of difference - protect, enhance and stimulate your mind and body with Bunda Ginga.

Ginger was mentioned in the first century by the Greek philosopher Dioscorides to have digestive properties, stimulating the gut and good for the stomach,  and we think he was on to something. In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger is classified as a warming remedy to assist with releasing ailments in the body and we think they are right.  Ginger is packed full of gingerols and shogaols which means it is packed full of good news for you and your body.

Whether it’s fresh or dried, in tea or cake - antioxidant packed (there are more than 40 compounds found in ginger) ranked up there with berries, walnuts and sunflower seeds, we reckon ginger is a bit of a superfood in it’s own right.

Protect your stomach with a bit of antioxidant boosted Bunda Ginga each day.

  • Can aid in alleviating nausea associated with early pregnancy and motion sickness
  • Assists in protecting your stomach from toxins

Enhance digestion and boost your metabolism with a bit of Bunda Ginga each day.

  • Helps to manage type 2 diabetes and hyperglycaemia
  • Stimulates digestion which aids in speeding up your metabolism
  • Mediates energy balance through assisting with blood sugar levels
  • Thought to have anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in the relief of osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases

Stimulate and shift that weight with a bit of Bunda Ginga each day.

  • Metabolism of sugars and fats which may contribute to gradual weight loss
  • Powerful antioxidant properties assist in your body burning more fat
  • Can assist in managing conditions such as diabetes and obesity