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The ginger harvest

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Bunda Ginga grows year-round and is harvested all throughout the year. Our growing starts with planting in September using golf ball sized pieces cut from rhizomes (root-like stems off ginger) of the previous years crop. Throughout the ginger season, the crop loves our sunny skies, rich red volanic soils and abundant water supply in the Bundaberg region. Bunda Ginga is the only commercial ginger growing operation in the Wide Bay Burnett due to nature providing the perfect growing conditions for our high quality ginger.

The crop is carefully managed and fertilised and continually watered throughout the season via our sophisticated irrigation systems which we can operate even on our phones!

By February, our ginger has developed under the soil and above ground lush, dense greenery and vegetation can be seen about a meter high.

Most of the crop is harvested in February / March when the rhizomes are young with minimal fibre content, ideal for "eating" ginger. This new season harvest only lasts for about six weeks while the plants are at the right stage of growth. We use this succulent young, new season ginger to make our amazing pickled ginger.

Further harvest takes place between June to September when the rhizomes are larger and the flavour is "hotter". This product is what we use in our ground and naked ginger product.

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