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Farmer Ant was invited last week to speak at a Culinary forum held in Bundaberg and facilitated by Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism to give a producer's view point on the importance of using local food, supporting your local farmers and the economic and social benefits that come from this way of thinking.

It was a great opportunity to be able to speak about the importance of giving back to your community by way of facilitating good relationships with local suppliers and end users (ie. hospitality, catering and food and beverage services) as well as being the face of your brand as the farmer that has tended, grown and knows that product inside and out. 

We wanted to thank tourism for the opportunity and all of the attendees for coming. 

On that note, we are very excited to be getting out and about in our regional area and promoting our region's produce at some upcoming events which are of note! 

Firstly, if you are in Brisbane or surrounds and want to meet a bunch of awesome Bundaberg producers and eat the produce in a gorgeous collaborative effort between Bundaberg-based chef Amanda Hinds (from Indulge) and Javier Codina (MODA Brisbane) come to Bundaberg on a plate on Monday 4 July. We can't wait to taste this to die for menu and be able to speak directly about our produce and it's origins. Tickets are $99 and still available via the above link. 

Next we will be at the Heartland Festival in Gayndah on Saturday 9 July for the wonderful market day and festival, a huge first for this region. Come along and sample our products and talk to Anthony & Kate Rehbein about everything ginger. 

Then the final market for July will be the Bundy Flavours & Farmers Market Festival on Saturday 16 July at Alexandra Park, Quay St West. These markets are on from 7am to 2pm and we will have a wonderful array of produce for you there - not only our wonderful Bunda Ginga products but farmer Ant has been busy planting spuds and corn and some other little specialities for this special event. 

We will be in touch with more news from Bunda Ginga HQ but check out our lovely recipe collection in the mean time, there are some awesome winter warmers there and ginger is sure to keep colds and flu at bay! 


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