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Start of something special...

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This week we begin something special. That something special is pickling our new season ginger (which has the beautiful blushes of pink and doesn't have hard skin), picked fresh from our luscious red, rich hummock soil into delicious Bunda Ginga pickles. 

The special part is that the ginger is fresh, it's handpicked, packed and prepared and we are using another amazing Bundaberg product - Bundaberg Sugar in the mix to make this a truly special Queensland gourmet accompaniment. 

Left in its natural, ivory-coloured state (the way nature intended), our Pickled Ginger will contain no artificial dyes, sweeteners or preservatives and is perfect for the culinary connoisseur or the home chef.

Pickling ginger is not foreign to many Asian cultures, it's a Western accompaniment to most Japanese dishes, can be found atop prawns and in broths, ramen, soups and many other yummy recipes. This pickled ginger is also spectacular with cheese! 

We are really excited to be able to share this wonderful product with you so stay tuned for pickling updates over the coming weeks! 

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